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Attracting and Motivating Organisations?

Does your Company attract people? And When they join, are they motivated and enthusiastic?

You have found the site of a company that cares about people development. OPUS Management Indonesia was established in September 2003.
OPUS is Latin for work, but it is mainly used in reference to works or art and music. ‘OPUS Management’ therefore is ‘the work of art that is management’ – it is that work of art that makes the lives of thousands of employees productive and enjoyable, or grueling and miserable.
The combination of ‘Management’ and ‘Leadership’ is part Art, and part Science. It is the central pillar for OPUS Consulting and Development Services, and OPUS Educational Services. Effective management requires knowledge from methodology of scientific investigation. Leadership needs skills that require interpersonal abilities and creativity, which are beyond the reach of science, but are enhanced and supported by technology.

Our Programs Answer Your Needs!

Increase your human resources development quality and gain more profit in your organisation. We provide services that helps your business by creating an environment that attracts, holds and motivates.

HRD, OD And Leadership

Re-shape your Training and Organisation Development. OPUS builds practical steps and tactics that improve leadership, individual and team interaction skills for all employees. Our soft skills courses are motivating and engaging. Make change happen through OPUS programs.

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OPUS Talent Management

Engagement and productivity made easy! What internal or external candidates best suit the jobs you need to fill? People are more successful at jobs they enjoy! Harrison Assessments gets it right for recruitment, development, succession planning and engagement. Complete the questionnaire in only 20 minutes.

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OPUS Education Services

OPUS Education Services delivers fast improvements in English language skills through online mobile learning for Companies, Government bodies, Schools and Universities. OES guides careers, builds transnational education relationships, and aligns student career choices with individual strengths.

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Our Clients

We have numerous satisfied clients:

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Listen to our satisfied clients, we ensure them get the highest standard services

With Pfizer Top Management, OPUS formulated clear criteria for their assessment, and incorporated use of Cubiks ‘PAPI’ testing and other assessment tools very effectively. Throughout, OPUS worked closely with Pfizer HR and Line managers.
Caecilia Hadinoto – HR Director, Pfizer Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
We categorise our experience with OPUS as:
– A good example of how consultants should collaborate with their principals.
– A practical and pragmatic approach to HR, balanced with a good mix of concepts and models
– Capability to deal with all levels of the organization
David Escarda, HR Technical Advisor – United Laboratories, Jakarta, Indonesia
OPUS used the Team Performance Questionnaire (TPQ) effectively with our Plant Management Team, to allow us to confront our issues and team problems. It also helped all of us plan and agree specific actions and commitments to address barriers to team performance.
Peter Bertschinger – Plant Manager, Semen Cibinong at Narogong – a Holcim Company

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