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Career Counselling with Career Navigation System

What is Career Navigation System? The most advanced technology for helping students, graduates and working adult find and succeed at a career they will love.

Sorts 650 careers according to which you would love most – and succeed at.

  • See exactly what you would like or dislike about each career.
  • Explore various “what if” options for difference education levels.
  • See descriptions and general requirements for each career.
  • All in real time online using your Career Navigator.

Measures 175 factors including your interest, task preferences, motivations, work values, work environment preferences and interpersonal preferences. This enable you to see the careers you would love and how you can be succeed.

Why Career Navigation?

  • Students and career seekers are engaged though a personal online system to explore their career options based on their employment preferences.
  • Students and career seekers can explore 650 career options by viewing career descriptions and requirements without necessarily having to engage a career counselor.
  • Students and career seekers can understand what they would like or dislike about each career option before making important career choices.
  • Student and career seekers can better understand their strengths and areas for development.
    Career counselors can also use these powerful tools to better help career seekers and students.

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