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Case Study – Lincoln Electric.


Case Study – Lincoln Electric

Consultant Trainer: David Knowles

We Balanced Technical Sales Expertise with Powerful Selling and Engaging Skills for Profit and Productivity

Executive Summary

• Traditionally Lincoln Electric had sold on the strength of their technical expertise and features
• Lincoln Electric planned to increase sales and sustain customers with improved relationship and engagement skills among the sales persons
• OPUS built new soft skills learning onto the existing technical sales platform
• OPUS blended taught session using current videos (TedTalks), proven sales, frequent competitive challenges, and inter-session quizzes and reminding activities, plus assignments.

About the Client

Lincoln Electric is a global manufacturer and the market leader of the highest quality welding, cutting and joining products.

Lincoln Electric continuing innovation in the development and application of our technologies allows them to create complete solutions that make Lincoln Electric customers more productive and successful.

Lincoln Electric is recognized through an unwavering commitment to their employees and a relentless drive to maximize shareholder value though high value, cost-effective products and services.

The Challenges

• Mixed cultures – Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian, Malaysian, Australian and American

• Varying (English) language levels

• Adapting from varyingly entrenched ‘Technical’ approaches to selling the product and services

Before the Program

Lincoln Electric is rightly proud of its tradition of technical innovation and expertise. Those factors were one of the main selling points, plus long-term quality and cost-effectiveness.

Regional Management deduced that they would improve sales and increase revenues if Sales Engineers and Country Managers were better equipped to understand, and engage with their customers and distributors, at the same time as expressing their considerable technical expertise.

OPUS merged Lincoln Electric sales principles and standard sales guidelines with well research on effective sales practices, using powerful training materials and also drawing on ‘non-training / “real-life” material’ from the best of Ted-Talks from Youtube.

OPUS interwove three ‘soft skill’ sessions into the existing technical sales syllabus, and reinforced learning through the use of online quizzes, and group challenges on the programs.

Sessions were tuned to the range of language and behaviours from a very diverse group, sustaining interest and motivation.

The Solution

The program designed with the company regional management:

Provided Measured development – 3 sessions separated by about 6 to 8 weeks
Allowed repetition, and reinforcement
Allowed intersession assignments and quizzes
Allowed assignment review together in session
Focused on change in mind set, as time limited for skills building
Provided skill guides for on-going practice and development

Show the Results (Process)

From level 1 and 2 evaluations (participants and other trainers / managers) the program produced major shift in understanding and acceptance of the needs for and tactics to accomplish:

• Understanding the interests and needs of the other party to influence and negotiate effectively
• Understanding the limitations to the power of ‘pitching’ features and advantages, and focusing on the benefits
• Understanding and using the power of questioning and exploring
• Effective use of incentives and authority to manage the distributors


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