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English for the Hospitality industry

A 5-star Hotel here in Jakarta is so happy with the training results, that they have just enrolled the 2nd batch in OPUS Reallyenglish programs.

An OPUS client, a 5-star hotel here in Jakarta, had been using an online English training specifically designed for hotel industry.

Although the content was geared to hotels, the material was very limited, and it was difficult and time consuming to track student work level or measure progress. There were no entry exit tests, and no on-going monitoring to tell you how students were going.

  • One of the benefits of online e-learning of English is that studying and progress can be monitored from a centre, although training can be done across locations that are geographically very spread out. A hotel chain with many properties could still see easily who was studying what, and progress being made at all hotels around the region.
  • That capability provides the same support for all properties, and maintains the same quality levels, with no added work for the HRD people in the centre, nor those at site.

Our client reported that daily workload and shift schedules made it impossible to organise regular traditional classes with good attendance. Too often, courses had been ‘bought’, but attendance dipped, and the overall result was not very effective – no return on investment, no real skills building!

When management saw our program, with:

In-built testing along the way
Fun, easy-to-use interactive learning methodology
Easy automated monitoring and reporting
Worldwide 85% successful course completion, (and in Indonesia nearly 90%)

Strong support from OPUS

Very competitive prices

they decided to change to OPUS Reallyenglish. They have never regretted that decision.

Their Customer Service Associates had verbal skills that were generally sufficient for the face-to-face interaction for positive customer relationships on a day-to-day basis.

But the hotel needed to present an international image when staff responded to written (usually email) enquiries and complaints. So, they enrolled their Front Desk, Sales, and Marketing associates to our 3-months Writing for Business program. That has entrance and exit tests, and individual online tutoring and correction of written submissions.

They also enrolled their F&B and House Keeping Associates on our 3-months Practical English, to improve their Listening, Reading, Grammar, Pronunciation, and Vocabulary skills. This online course is designed specifically to build confidence in communicating in English by strengthening the underlying skills.

It gives each trainee unlimited access to practice the core English skills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
What our trainees said?

  • The flexibility of the course serves them better compared to the rigid schedule of the traditional classroom training.
  • They never have to miss the class due to busy schedules.
  • They can always go back and practice their lessons as much and as often as they need to. After taking the course,
  • All of them said they would recommend OPUS online courses to their colleagues.

OPUS has trained over 300 corporate managers in Indonesia over the last 6 months. The benefits and features of our courses are too numerous to list here.

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