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How To Deal With Fast Learners (And Slower Learners)

Many companies are reluctant to enrol their staff on online English courses. Many companies express concern about assumed lack of motivation of trainees. They anticipate poor progress and high drop out rates, low completion, and a low rate of return on investment in English training.

Because of those fears, they continue to enrol their staff in programs using traditional classroom methods, despite evidence of the low success of such training programs.

Low success of classroom training is due to poor attendance, scheduling issues, many different skill levels in one class, and differences in goals and interest among participants , not to mention the high cost.

OPUS Reallyenglish experience in providing online English training to over 500 companies, we know the above concerns are not true. The real picture in Indonesia is that over 85% of our trainees successfully complete our online course, and here is

  1. Flexible Schedule and unlimited practice
  2. Highly mobile
  3. Highly personalized – lesson levels suited to each participant’s skill level
  4. Interesting – participants can select topics that suit there interest
  5. Interactive and engaging learning methods
  6. A ‘motivation coach’ in regular contact
  7. Automated progress report and monitoring facility for coordinators and students

Our trainees say that the flexibility of the course serves them better compared to the rigid schedule of the traditional classroom training. They never have to miss the class due to busy schedules. They can always go back and practice their lessons as much and as often as they need to. After taking the course, all of them said they would recommend OPUS online courses to their colleagues.

Our statistics show that from every group, there are always 3 bands of learners.

  • There are the top 30% to 40% who are always ahead of track, spending much more time in learning than what they have to.
  • There are always the middle band of 40-50% who are on track.
  • There are the bottom 20-30% slow or lazy learners who were just not motivated or ambitious enough to complete the course.

That is a very similar picture to traditional classroom statistics – except our fast learners cover more lessons, more quickly.

OPUS wants to guarantee your training success. We offer a free one-month trial to a hundred or two hundred of employees. We want to see who are the top 50% who will certainly benefit from e-learning English Language.

All we ask is a commitment from your company to enrol a minimum top 30% in our 6-months Practical English course. This way, we eliminate the risk of wasting training funds on poor learners, and allow your company to gain the maximum return on your training investment.

Please feel free to contact me at 0855 781 0675 to consult your training needs and to get more information about our corporate online English training.

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