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Since 2003, Opus is happy to have served numerous clients of different sizes coming from a range of sectors and industries. Our focus and hard work have earned us the trust of some of the best multinational company in the country – which values the importance of having effective Human Resource Strategy.

List Clients of Opus Management Indonesia

Name of Clients
Scope of Works
1 Actuarial Consulting DAYA MANDIRI Assessment for Recruitment
2 Banking BANK RAKYAT INDONESIA Management Development Training
3 Banking BANK PERMATA Training A Skills Building Program for HRHM
4 Banking BANK INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA Team Building Training
5 Broadcasting VOA Event Management
6 Consulting CASTLEROCK INDONESIA Assessment for Recruitment
7 Consulting PT Hill Konsultan Indonesia (Hill & Associates) Leadership Training (CRESTCOM)
8 Consulting JAWASOFT Leadership Training (CRESTCOM)
9 Consulting PPM MANAJEMEN (PT BINAMAN UTAMA) Harrison Assessment
10 Contractor THIESS CONTRACTOR 1. Executive Coaching
2. 360 degree Assessment
11 Distributor MERAPI UTAMA PHARMA 1. Climate Survey/Employee Opinion Survey
2. Leadership Training
13 Education BAKRIE LEARNING CENTRE Assessment Centre Support
14 Elevator KONE INDO ELEVATOR Supervisors Development Program Training
15 Engineering REKAYASA INDUSTRI Assessment for Recruitment Selection
16 FMCG LOREAL INDONESIA Executive Coaching
17 FMCG MARTINA BERTO Director Assessment
18 FMCG NESTLE INDONESIA 1. Human Resources Function Restructuring.
2. HR Function Development.
3. Assessment
4. Top Management Team Facilitation.
19 Retail LEE COOPER Assessment for Recruitment and Promotion
20 Government BPKP Assessment Centre Support
21 Government PUSDIKLAT KEMENKES 1. Key Performance Indicator Workshop
2. Penyediaan Alat Instrumen Presentasi
3. Pelatihan Akreditasi PAPI bagi Assessors & Pelatihan Assessors
22 Government KOMINFO Organisation Readiness Assessment
23 Government KOMISI PEMBERANTASAN KORUPSI (KPK) HR Policy & Procedures Review
24 Health OMNI MEDICAL CENTRE Management Assessment for Promotion
25 Hospitality KRISTAL HOTEL Leadership Training (CRESTCOM)
26 Hospitality MANHATTAN HOTEL Leadership Training (CRESTCOM)
27 Infrastructure/Wireless Service Provider INDONESIAN TOWER Employee Assessment for Recruitment, Promotion & Development
28 Institution WORLD BANK Event Management
29 Insurance AVRIST Assessment Center for Development
30 Laboratories CORELAB Leadership Training (CRESTCOM)
31 Logististics ANDIRA INDONESIA Leadership Training (CRESTCOM)
32 Logististics LINFOX Leadership Training (CRESTCOM)
33 Logististics LANES ARCHIEVE & LANES MOVING Leadership Training (CRESTCOM)
34 Logististics SYNCRUM LOGISTICS 1. HR Consulting
2. Kebijakan Rekrutmen dan Seleksi
3. Harrison Assessment
4. HR System Management Development (Sistem Manajemen Kinerja Tahap I),
5. Leadership Training
35 Manufacturing AIRLAND Assessment
36 Manufacturing AMOCO MITSUI PTA. INDONESIA 1. Strategic Management Retreat Facilitation
2. 360 degree Assessment
37 Manufacturing BORAL INDONESIA Leadership Training (CRESTCOM)
38 Manufacturing BADAK NGL Restructuring on Organisation and provide 7 year blue print
39 Manufacturing CHANDRA ASRI Organization Strategy, Jobs Grades and Compensation
40 Manufacturing ICI PAINTS Kita Bisa Program for Supervisors
41 Manufacturing KALTIM PARNA INDUSTRI Company Strategy, Job Function Analysis, Performance Management
42 Manufacturing KNAUF Management & Training on Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring & Problem Solving Decision Making
43 Manufacturing KRAKATAU WAJATAMA Management Assessment
2. Organisation Strategy
45 Manufacturing OTSUKA INDONESIA Employee Opinion Survey
46 Manufacturing PURATOS INDONESIA Assessment for Recruitment
47 Manufacturing SEMEN CIBINONG Team Effectiveness Workshop
48 Manufacturing WIDATRA BHAKTI 1. Employee Opinion Survey, Organisation Assessment,
2. Leadership Training
49 Mobile, fixed, IP and Optics technologies, application and service ALCATEL LUCENT Management Kickoff Meeting Facilitation & Team Building
50 Mining INCO Organisation Survey
51 Mining Consulting GOLDER ASSOCIATES HR System Management Development (Recruitment, Trn & Dev, Performance Management System, Policy & Procedure (SOP)
52 Movers CITRA AIR INDONESIA Leadership Training (CRESTCOM)
53 Oil and Gas BP INDONESIA Assessment for Recruitment & Development
54 Oil and Gas EXXON Coaching Training
55 Oil and Gas MURPHY OIL Leadership Training (CRESTCOM)
56 Oil and Gas MOBILE CEPU LTD. Mentoring Training Services for EM
57 Oil and Gas NYNAS Top Management Assessment
58 Oil and Gas PERTAMINA Transformation for Communications Success, Internal Communication, Internal Services Branding
59 Oil and Gas PETROFAC Assessment, Organisation Development
60 Oilfield Service CONOCO PHILIPS SCM Leadership Competency Assessment
61 Oilfield Service WEATHERFORD Leadership Training (CRESTCOM)
62 Pharmaceutical DARYA VARIA LABORATORIA INDONESIA Organisation Strategy Planning
63 Pharmaceutical MERCK Executive Coaching
64 Pharmaceutical MEDIFARMA LABORATORIA INDONESIA Training the Trainer, Management & Supervisory Development Program
65 Pharmaceutical PFIZER INDONESIA 1. Assessment for Promotion and Development
2. Sales Force Competency Assessment and Talent Development
3. Assessors’ Training
3. Assessment Center Tools
66 Satellite Mapping EXSAMAP Leadership Training (CRESTCOM)
67 Water Supply PALYJA Assessment for Recruitment, Promotion and Development
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