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Reallyenglish provide solutions common challenges in learning English​​


Decide your own schedule. Our course available 24/7.

Study anywhere through multi device.

Personalized course for each learners.

Practice and repeat your lessons as much as you want to.

Automated study report allow you to check your learning progress.

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Do you want to continue your study overseas? Do you want to land that dream job in multinational company? Do you want to travel abroad?  Many people strive to learn English today because the ability to speak English is no longer an advantage, it’s simply mandatory.​

However,  how many of you are related to below reasons for not learning English despite of your wish to master the language? ​

  • My busy schedule do not allow spare time for me to learn​
  • I cannot stand the traffic and travel time to get to the English course venue​
  • The course is pretty boring because the topics are irrelevant with what I need to learn​
  • The course is too hard​

Practical English

Practical English is designed improve Listening, Reading, Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary skills. It consists of over 330 lessons with various business and daily life topics.

Study flow:​

  • Take the Diagnostic Test to analyze your English language strengths and weaknesses.​
  • The system automatically selects your first 5 lessons based on your results.​
  • Depending on your performance in the preceding 5 lessons, the system continues to select the most relevant lessons until you complete the course (you can study any of the lessons as many times as you like during the course period).​
  • Print your course completion certificate.​

Writing for Business

Writing for Business is designed for those who need who need to improve their writing skills.  This course teach you how to write clear and structured various writing formats, ranging from memos, emails, all the way to report writing.


Study flow:

  1. Take the entry test.
  2. Take a lesson from the level assigned to you.
  3. Send a task to the Gallery or to your tutor for correction.
  4. Take a new lesson and repeat.
  5. Take all the lessons required to complete your course.
  6. Take the Final Test.
  7. Print your course completion certificate.

Need to Read

Need to Read is designed to improve learner’s reading skills, mainly speed and comprehension. This course also increase learners’ vocabulary and enable them to form opinions about what they have read and engage in discussions on the topic and it consists of printable lessons, comment, vocabulary.

Study flow:

  1. Take the diagnostic test.
  2. Choose a lesson that you want to study.
  3. Read the introduction and a short comment based on the topic of the lesson’s article.
  4. Answer a comprehension question.
  5. Read the article and answer five multiple-choice comprehension questions.
  6. Complete the required number of lessons.
  7. Take the exit test.
  8. Print your course completion certificate.


WordMine is a course that targets vocabulary essential for your goals. Frequent and regular exposure to new words will help you to efficiently increase your vocabularies and to ensure long-term mastery of the words. You will also learn how to use words fluently and effectively in contexts. Specific interests, skills, and industries are also available for learners.

Study flow:

  1. Take level check/diagnostic test (for general vocabulary only).
  2. Cycle of Get New Words and Training: word selection based on level determined by diagnostic test or specific vocabulary     purchase.
  3. Function to introduce and test words on a set schedule (perfect for blended courses).
  4. Progress tests (optional) for review, learners can do practice tests whenever they like.
  5. Final test (optional).
  6. Print your course completion certificate.
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