It’s Time For You To Take The Solution Into Your Hands


Better English Skills:

It’s Time For You To Take The Solution Into Your Hands

Sometimes the others in the organisation just don’t get it! To you, it’s as clear as daylight. You can see the costs of poor language skills every day in the way others have to use their time to compensate. Every time a poor piece of writing in English comes across your desk , you or others take time to edit, improve and re-write.

  • That report your technical advisor had to edit and almost re-write before it could go to the client – if the first draft had been only 50% better, it would have reduced the expatriate correction time by 75%!
  • That complaint handled by email from your senior customer relations officer – and created more complaint and accusations you are running a 2-star facility! Every output form your company must send the message of your competence and quality – and right now that is not happening!

There is simply not the time to send these senior people to English classes… and anyway attendance falls to about 60% after a couple of weeks… and you can’t see any real improvement at the end of the program.
In the past, when you have got a group together, their skill levels are so different its really tough to run a course for them together – the bored ones leave, and the lower levels get left behind!

    • Where can you find a way of building a better foundation for good English – with consistent quality, reporting of progress, varied interesting topics and lessons, and high levels of success? And preferably at an affordable cost!
    • Is there a way employees can study a lot of the stuff themselves and maybe only get together once a couple of weeks, voluntarily?
    • What about those senior people needing writing skills that wow customers and deliver professional reports? Preferably with native speaker tutoring that doesn’t cost the earth!
  • And are there any specialized vocabulary-building courses for my lawyers, medical staff, engineers, and Business Development people?
    Don’t believe Indonesians are not ready for online learning- OPUS Reallyenglish gets 30-40% participants doing more than is required and passing the course ahead of time; and 90% completion rate!

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