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OPUS brings 25 years of expertise in behavioural competency work to our analysis of parameters for assessing candidates for recruitment, promotion, job change, career development and succession planning.


We create competency models and assessment processes customised to precise company requirements, and implement assessments accordingly.

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MNCs, Government Departments, and State Owned Enterprises have all used our assessment centres, and made critical organisation decisions based on OPUS findings from assessments.

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Consulting and Development Services

OPUS is a practical consultancy – we believe that what we design or advise should be usable easily and quickly. We avoid high-level conceptual models, preferring a clear sequence of steps, and training in skills and tactics for change.

  • Our LEADERSHIP and SOFT SKILLS Training delivers a guide for the individual on what he or she will do tomorrow morning at work that is different from today.
  • We design measured development, recognizing that learning is a process, not an event. We engage several levels of management – and design assignments for repetition and practice.

Click here to see our Short Leadership Workshops, Crestcom Leadership Training, and Program Descriptions

Creating Organisations That Attract, Hold and Motivate

OPUS focuses on ‘the work that is management’. We help MNCs, large local firms, SOEs and SMEs solve the organisational and people problems and issues that stop managers and businesses from achieving their goals.

Attracting, Holding and Motivating the right people to do the right things optimizes returns, and assures longevity for your business.
We use

  • Senior level coaching and guidance.
  • Group and individual assessments.
  • Paced development sessions.

to train managers in practical leadership skills, and we guide them through process and structure improvement. In this  challenging environment of high turnover and limited talent pools, we focus your leaders on sustainability, talent management and increasing productivity. (See our ‘ASSESSMENT’ business stream for details on Harrison Assessments, the cornerstone of our Talent Management consulting).

OPUS keeps your leaders practically focused on leading your company to achieve personal and business success!

Employee Engagement Survey

Louis Allen Worldwide research shows engagement is the “leading indicator” for management effectiveness. Engagement signals how effective your management system is now. Engagement predicts how effective your organization will be. The Measure of Engagement is a critical part of top management’s Balanced Scorecard.

Six Driver Groups

  • Job Design.
  • Organizational Health.
  • Managerial Excellence.
  • Extrinsic Rewards.
  • Workplace Readiness.
  • Other


Click Here for the OPUS / Louis Allen Worldwide Employee Engagement Survey

Optimise your Organisation

OPUS works from “What is working now?”

  • We follow the value trails to identify gaps in tasks and accountabilities, and barriers to productivity.
  • We smooth the flow by identifying integration areas and creating practical processes for integrating functions.
  • We design tactical / operating processes to form KPIs relevant to individuals and sub-groups.
  • We provide a clear pattern for the management and organisation hierarchy.

Those Organisation Optimization activities take place within a framework of developing inspirational Employee Communications, and developing Leaders who Lead at all levels.

HRD Function Development

Professional HR practitioners are among the most sought-after people in the business community in Indonesia. But too often companies need higher levels of professionalism and know-how than most candidates offer.

OPUS focuses on enhancing the professionalism of your HRD group, by structuring Talent Management activities in the HRD function based on our Harrison Organisation Development:

  • OPUS uses an integrated model for addressing the management of talent and hi-potential capability in organisations. We work from job challenge – a key engagement factor for professionals and managers – and engage with individuals and groups to gain understanding and acceptance.
  • Newcomers are a drag on productivity until they are up to speed in covering the fundamental tasks for their role effectively. After that, talent management is about engagement, clarity and dialogue.
  • We build templates of your company’s traits and behavioural competencies via the 6000 job templates in Harrison Assessments,
  • We customize them to the specific needs of organisation, functions and individual jobs.
  • We measure your organisation effectiveness through a range of surveys and interviewing tools including Harrison Team Profiles, Louis Allen Worldwide Engagement Surveys and 360° Surveys.

Opus Develops Great Leaders

You need an Integrated Development Program to change management behavior and produce highly productive managers and motivational leaders. We install programs for fundamental management tasks of planning, organizing and controlling, and in parallel teach and coach the leadership behaviours that engage and keep talent in the organization.

Every leader ‘activates’ their leadership role in line with their natural traits and talents, but OPUS helps them acquire a wider range of leadership tactics and strategies to attract talent, sustain motivation and performance, and build great leaders.

Learning is a Process, Not an Event:

OPUS prefers designs that allow focus on Adult Learning Techniques – paced delivery (at intervals, over time) with practice (assignments back at the place of work), with repetition and feedback (re-visiting principles learned, and reflecting on progress and challenges). We measure skills achievement not just course attendance.

OPUS Short Leadership Workshops

OPUS designs and runs Leadership Programmes using up to date idea sharing via video (e.g. from Ted Talks) – supported by full Video Notes and exercises. Titles are usually developed with the clients*, and might be focused on or combine:

  • Leadership Communications
  • Dissecting the Authentic Leader
  • Present Yourself as a Leader
  • Leadership in Customer Relations
  • Everyday Leadership
  • Empathy… The Power of Connection
  • Negotiation Skills for Leaders
  • Leader as Enabler and Catalyst
  • Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership
  • Leading Sales and the Sales Team.

OPUS uses Harrison Assessments to produce a profile of each participant of their traits and activity or work preferences in relation to the requirements of a specific Leadership Role. This enables the participants to formulate their own priorities for development, as well as providing input to their senior manager for coaching for performance.

*(the above titles are examples ONLY – we respond to YOUR needs)

Through Crestcom, OPUS delivers international quality Leadership Development

In partnership with Crestcom International (OPUS is sole Franchise Holder in Indonesia), we organise extended in-house leadership programs (24 sessions, monthly activities and senior management engagement) over 12 months. The program design includes a “Return on Investment Seminar” for Senior management to show how this program actually increases revenues and reduces costs – the program itself is a genuine return on investment. The program build skills in the 10 following leadership areas:

  • Ability to Motivate Others
  • Change Management – self and teams
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • A Leaders Role in Recruiting / Hiring / Retention
  • Communication (Listening, Speaking and Influencing for Impact)
  • Customer Service
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Negotiating
  • Performance Management – Delegation, Motivation and Creativity for your Management Team
  • Stress management

Companies can use the materials and videos internally for other groups and levels within the organisation. This service is valid throughout the contract period for no additional charge.

Employee / Internal Communications

  • OPUS offers an orchestrated approach to internal communications and internal ‘branding’ of functions, programs and events that allow you to manage workforce expectations in line with your strategic intent.
  • OPUS will work in partnership to develop the ‘editorial calendar’ that pre-plans the use of corporate and management communication for a planned future period – a quarter, half-year of full year. This provides multiple opportunities for reinforcement through a variety of channels for different employee sectors.

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