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Reallyenglish for Educational Institutions

OPUS Reallyenglish for Schools, Colleges and Universities allows you to extend the learning outside the classroom. Do you represent a School, University College, or Private Language School? Click here to see how partnering with OPUS Reallyenglish will benefit you and your students: or scroll down for more detail.

Blend With Your Current Syllabus

Using our mobile learning solutions, your English Training group can integrate our OPUS Reallyenglish programs with your syllabus as compulsory supplementary practice for students anytime and anywhere. Click here to read about Integrating with your syllabus.

Practice Makes Perfect

Learning language requires repetition and practice – OPUS Reallyenglish provides this in the challenge of a busy world and full schedules. Click here to read more.

Encourage Self Development

To reach more students you can provide access for your students for voluntary study. Other Universities have rewarded achievement by extra points or certificates, or reimbursement of fees. Click here to read about Student Self Development.

Practice Makes Perfect

Language acquisition is faster when students practice frequently and regularly. But the traditional classroom offers limited time for practice and repetition. Reallyenglish gives students unlimited practice. Teachers can assign lessons with topics in line with what is taught in the classroom. Students complete those lessons on their mobile device outside the classroom and at the time convenient with them. Teachers get automated weekly reports on time spent and progress achieved for every individual and for groups. Click here to read about Training Management System and Automated Repoting.

Blend with your current syllabus

Schools normally set the English Language Syllabus at a specific level of English. Actually, students enter classrooms with different English levels. Some have low levels of English, other have higher levels. Reallyenglish is the perfect solution for lower level English students to catch-up with the program, so they can follow what’s taught in the classroom without struggling and feeling left out.

More advanced students can find and select higher-level lessons to continue to progress at a faster pace.

All students will start with initial diagnostic test that will generate a personalized learning path focusing on the area of weakness. Students can learn and repeat their lessons as much as they want to. This way, students can control their study pace and decide how fast they want to progress.

OPUS Reallyenglish makes it easy for you to bring slower learners up to speed, and at the same time allow faster learners to move ahead, while still keeping the class together. Used in over 130 universities in Asia Pacific, our experience helps you blend your programs with strong supplementary report with no addition work, and easier monitoring and measuring of effort and progress.

Click here to explore customization options.

Encourage Self Development

Your university aspires to levels of English Language competency for all graduating students. Unfortunately only a few actually achieve the desired standard. Many ‘cram’ for TOEFL tests, and may temporarily boost test scores, but most never really acquire the competency levels they should.
You can open opportunity to a wide range of students, and provide a realistic opportunity for them to achieve higher standards in English language, for business or further education. Classrooms, schedules and teacher availability limitations naturally constrain traditional classroom teaching outreach.

Click here to Read or see what others have said about their Reallyenglish course.

Learn English Anywhere

OPUS Reallyenglish allows students and others to study wherever and whenever they want, on smartphone or other device. The course includes a diagnostic test, individual learning paths, weekly progress update email, online support, and native speaker coaching.
OPUS Reallyenglish fees are far lower than any comparable traditional or online program. The learning is interactive, fun and allows free repetition and access to multiple lessons.

Click here to see typical course fees for students.

OPUS Reallyenglish offers four courses:

  • Ranging from pre-intermediate to advanced
  • General English for TOEFL or TOEIC: Practical English
  • Build Practical Writing Skills for Professionals: Writing for Business
  • Build Reading, Interpretation, Speed-reading skills: Need to Read
  • Build Up General of Specialist Vocabulary: WordMine Series

OPUS Reallyenglish Training Management Systems (TMS)

TMS is designed to allow easy tracking and monitoring of progress, for groups and individuals. In turn, that enables coordinators or training managers to sustain motivation, provide support, and deliver recognition and rewards appropriately.

TMS is a simple yet powerful tool for managing your training. It provides your company with the tools and measurements you need to evaluate deployment success. You can track your students usage and progress, create reports, contact an entire group of learners at once using email templates, and much more.


Progress Tracking

OPUS priority is to ensure learners complete their courses and study regularly. The first step is getting them to start, so we track and follow up on late registrations. It is important not just to set goals, but to see that they are achieved.

progress tracking

All courses have customisable course-passing requirements, and the 5 star ranking system tells you at a glance how a group is doing, while the status indicators show who is behind, who is on track, and who is ahead. There is a whole suite of tools for you to use to manage, support and monitor your learners.

Measurement & Evaluation

For more information on your students’ performance and effort, explore number of units passed, test scores, study time, etc. for any individual, and download group and individual reports to store or distribute anytime.

In The Driver’s Seat

Your Administrators and/or instructors will have a more hands-on approach to follow up progress and feedback directly to learners. You do not need to wait for us to provide you with reports. For these coordinators or administrators, we provide easy-to-use scalable email tools; moreover in-house trainers can access the courses themselves and even view our tutors’ feedback to students. Click here to contact our consultants, we will help you to find solutions for your corporate training needs.

Reallyenglish course alignment to international standard


Practical English

Practical English is designed improve Listening, Reading, Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary skills. It consists of over 330 lessons with various business and daily life topics.

Study flow:

  • Take the Diagnostic Test to analyze your English language strengths and weaknesses.
  • The system automatically selects your first 5 lessons based on your results.
  • Depending on your performance in the preceding 5 lessons, the system continues to select the most relevant lessons until you complete the course (you can study any of the lessons as many times as you like during the course period).
  • Print your course completion certificate.

Writing for Business

Writing for Business is designed for those who need who need to improve their writing skills.  This course teach you how to write clear and structured various writing formats, ranging from memos, emails, all the way to report writing.


Study flow:

  • Take the entry test.
  • Take a lesson from the level assigned to you.
  • Send a task to the Gallery or to your tutor for correction.
  • Take a new lesson and repeat.
  • Take all the lessons required to complete your course.
  • Take the Final Test.
  • Print your course completion certificate.

Need To Read

Need To Read is designed to improve learner’s reading skills, mainly speed and comprehension. This course also increase learners’ vocabulary and enable them to form opinions about what they have read and engage in discussions on the topic and it consists of printable lessons, comment, vocabulary.

Study flow:

  • Take the diagnostic test.
  • Choose a lesson that you want to study.
  • Read the introduction and a short comment based on the topic of the lesson’s article.
  • Answer a comprehension question.
  • Read the article and answer five multiple-choice comprehension questions.
  • Complete the required number of lessons.
  • Take the exit test.
  • Print your course completion certificate.


WordMine is a course that targets vocabulary essential for your goals. Frequent and regular exposure to new words will help you to efficiently increase your vocabularies and to ensure long-term mastery of the words. You will also learn how to use words fluently and effectively in contexts. Specific interests, skills, and industries are also available for learners.

Study flow:

  • Take level check/diagnostic test (for general vocabulary only).
  • Cycle of Get New Words and Training: word selection based on level determined by diagnostic test or specific vocabulary     purchase.
  • Function to introduce and test words on a set schedule (perfect for blended courses).
  • Progress tests (optional) for review, learners can do practice tests whenever they like.
  • Final test (optional).
  • Print your course completion certificate.

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