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What is Harrison Assessments?


HA_TalentLifeCycle-lup-AHarrison Assessments (HA) is one of the more reliable career assessment tools in the market that students can use to identify possible career directions. The tool was developed based on occupational psychology and has a 90% accuracy rate in predicting job success, compared to only 55% for most other personality tests.

OPUS offers you Harrison Assessments methodologies that support your goal to develop and promote those employees with best potential for outstanding performance, and identify and hire the best candidate for the job. OPUS will also customize these tools to your specific organization and its needs and your specific job requirements, making the assessment process more accurate in predicting strong performance, or warning of pitfalls.

The Harrison Assessments tools automate the recruitment processes, and guide you directly to individual, group and functional development decisions, where OPUS can help support development planning and implementation. Harrison Assessments provides the most comprehensive assessment tool on the market, and is conducting practical real world research to increase evidence of its predictive strength.

OPUS Management means ‘the work of management’. We design solutions to the wide range of problems and issues that stop managers from achieving strategic goals.

Built on strong foundations of operating experience, OPUS has a different portfolio, and a different approach:

  • OPUS consultants know that your company must focus on business goals and organizating skills, and leadership throughout – if you want to achieve your strategic goals
  • OPUS helps integrate your actions – we build organization development systems, and the management and leadership skills that result in strategic goal achievement!
  • Attracting and Motivating the right people is the means to achieve your strategic goals – OPUS focuses on selecting and devloping your people, in a supportive organisational environment.

OPUS & Harrison Assessments

PT Opus Management Indonesia is proud to be an authorised reseller of Harrison Assessments

Current research shows that a good assessment tool, that combines checking eligibility, suitability, and then interviews to verify and cross-check conclusions, provides a level of predictive reliability as good as complex and costly assessment centres. OPUS distributes for Harrison Assessments, and uses the Harrison Assessments tool in all our assessment and development consulting and training. See more at our Harrison website at

Harrison Assessments for Talent Solutions provides tools and profiles for training and development (see ‘Leadership’ above), plus:

  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Placement (for Career Planning or Succession planning)
  • Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Organisation Development

HRD Function Development

OPUS uses an integrated model for addressing the management of talent and hi-potential capability in organisations. We work from job challenge – a key engagement factor for professionals and managers – and engage with individuals and groups to gain understanding and acceptance. Newcomers are a drag on productivity until they are up to speed in covering the fundamental tasks for their role effectively. After that, talent management is about engagement, clarity and dialogue.

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