OPUS Starts the Talent Mapping process this week

OPUS Harrison Assessments make your Talent Mapping project fast and easy, so you can complete your project on time and to budget. Map any number of employees – we can handle it.

First Talent Mapping Step

What is your purpose, and what do you plan to do with the results?

Second Talent Mapping Step

Agree what target behaviours, values, or job sets, you will measure your ‘talent group’ against, so that the results are specific for your purpose.

Third Talent Mapping Step

Agree the communication texts, and communicate positively to your ‘talent group’. This will get good quality data from your employees, who will use the online Harrison preference inventory. OPUS has the experience to help you do that. At the same time, plan how you will communicate results to the talent group at the end of this exercise.

FourthTalent Mapping Step

What are the characteristics of your high potential talent? Use Harrison preference inventory to rank employee talent for higher positions, company values or core behaviours.

Fifth Talent Mapping Step

Look at the spreadsheet, explore the reasons, and decide your actions. Use Harrison reports to help make your plans for organisation development, and individual development.

Talent Mapping using Harrison is short and simple. Harrison gives an overview of the whole ‘talent group’. It shows key factors affecting teams and sub-groups, leading to individual ‘deep-diving’ for individual development solutions.

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