The New Generation: “Attracting, Motivating and Keeping your Best” – Part 1

 How to Select from the Y Generation

Some managers are despairing of the ‘values’ of the new generation – or as many feel it, lack of values. They cite:

  • Expectations of instant success (in status and money),
  • Little respect or regard for those in higher positions or for the employing organization,
  • A willingness to move instantly to the highest bidder – a fickle and big-headed lot indeed!

But from this generation, the young people you keep are the future of your company.

So here is a tip about how to find and keep those who will be the strength of your company in years to come. What keeps the good people staying is not dependent on high salaries.


Despite The Stereotypes, People Are Still Different!

Work through a checklist of traits and behaviors of people, and use a test that gives you a profile against the most important traits. By traits, we mean the interests, characteristics and behaviors that make the employee productive and effective in that specific job. Then, once you are sure they have the right traits as well as qualifications and technical skills, rank the rest against your template of desired characteristics. Understand what interests them and what they value (from the traits test), and hire or promote those with a better ‘job-fit’. (See our site at