The New Generation: “Attracting, Motivating and Keeping your Best” – Part 2

With Fast Moving Gen Y, Why Should We Focus On Induction?

Understand the value of induction – what is the purpose? If you are going to live with turnover and fast moving younger people, at least accelerate the speed with which they provide value to the company when they start.

Induction is all about setting values and accelerating productivity. Clarity of the role, the deliverables, the policies and expectations is critical. Focus your induction around clarity of all those things that affect how the job gets done.

At the same time you must tap their inherent interests – you can only do that if you know what interests each person. Our assessment ( provides a report on How to Attract This Candidate, which specifies clearly where the person’s interests are, and what will therefore get him or her excited about the job. Align your motivating talk with those things that motivate that person.


It’s not just about to set the induction to the process of engaging talents. Other useful tips will be posted in the next part of The New Generation: “Attracting, Motivating and Keeping your Best” next week. So keep checking our website for the new tips!